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It's a struggle to find the right gift for that person who's hard to buy for...

We provide personalized wood gifts that are meaningful and cherished. Our products aren’t things that clutter and get thrown away, but are keepsakes that become family treasures.

All Products are made in Oklahoma. Check out our Oklahoma Collection Below!

Oklahoma Decor

Oklahoma Decor

We are based out of Oklahoma so we have a whole collection... 

Our Story

  • Absolutely beautiful! Great looking and of great quality. So thankful to have a way to preserve my grandma’s handwritten recipe card that’s 70+ years old.  I gifted it to my mom and she was truly touched. Thank you!


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  • Amazingly beautiful craftsmanship. The details are on point. They even got our house number on it. This was ordered as a gift for our mom and I just know she'll absolutely love this. Thank you!


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  • Honestly such an amazing craftsmanship. I purchased these for my husband who has recently lost both grandparents. He was so touched and so excited to get them hung up! You guys helped making his Christmas perfect. Thank you.

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