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Custom Wood Recipe Card & Frame

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*New* Framed option for your custom wood recipe cards! Our new frames are sized to hold your 3"x5" wood recipe cards to be able to display beautifully in your kitchen. Each frame has a metal strip in the center, and each card has two magnets on the back to be able to attach and interchange easily with multiple cards. Now you can change up your recipes for each party or season!

Find your beautifully handwritten recipe cards and we'll etch them onto wood for the perfect keepsake or gift to a loved one. If you don't have the recipe handwritten, send us the text you want added to the card, and we'll etch it onto the wood in a standard text format similar to "Grandma's Banana Bread" recipe in the pictures above.

All handwriting and artwork is traced over by hand so there are no blurry smudges from a scanner or picture, and then the design it sent over to our laser cutter to be etched onto 1/4" birch plywood. Because the artwork is redrawn, there is an extra drawing fee for cards with art. See below for the pricing options.

Typed out recipe card & frame: $35
Handwritten recipe with lines but no artwork & frame: $40
Handwritten recipe with lines and artwork & frame: $45

Frame Dimensions: 8.5"w x 6.5"h x 1.25"d

To order individual recipes without the frame, go to this link:

After you place your order, please send in a separate email a picture of the recipe card as flat and square as possible, or send the typed out recipe for the standard typed recipe cards.