Why it's important to get your story in writing...

Why it's important to get your story in writing...

This time of year we get a lot of recipe card orders in preparation for Mother’s Day and Father's Day. And as we copy the unique handwriting of so many loved ones, it makes me think of all the life that is behind each recipe. From the perfect cursive of a young mother to the shaky handwriting of a great-grandfather, they all have a story to tell through the life they lived. And we love to be able to preserve those stories by etching their handwriting into wood. 

Handwritten Wood Recipe Card

We hear a lot of stories of how the card they found is the only one they have with their loved one’s handwriting and it makes me think of all the people who don’t even have one piece of handwriting saved from a loved one. Especially now, when everything seems to be digital and sent through texts or email, I think it’s even more important to send handwritten notes and recipes to your family and friends. And on the flip side, it’s important to save the special or important cards you receive from others. 

We want you to consider passing on your story, whether it be a favorite recipe or a favorite memory shared in writing. Whatever it is, if you don’t normally write things out, I think it’s important to write something special to a loved one that they would enjoy so they can always have a part of you with them. 

To get started, just write out your favorite recipe and send it to a friend. They might not get it etched in wood right away, but who knows, someday long from now, they might find this card and be so grateful to have your special handwriting! It never hurts to send a little extra love to others. 

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