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Framed 3D Custom House

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This is a unique three-dimensional house magnet mounted in a shadow box frame. Each house is custom to your unique home. A great gift for your spouse, parent, newlyweds, first home buyers, or first Christmas in a new home. A short personal message can be added at the top of the house. Examples of messages can include: Family name, Our First Home, Home Address, or Date. Please specify the message you request and the number of the font you would like to use when you checkout. (see last picture for options)

After you place your order, please send us an email to with a good picture of your house that is straight on to the front of the house. If possible, we request that you have the whole house in one picture. If there are obstacles like trees or fences blocking parts of the house, please send multiple pictures of different angles of the house so we can see around obstacles.

There will be a maximum of three layers to your house, one including the message. The dimensions will vary depending on the shape of the house but will fit within a 4" x 6" space. Each layer of wood is approx. 1/4" thick, so in total will be approx. 3/4" thick.

The frame has a metal strip to attach the heavy duty magnet from the back of the house. 

Explanation of Options:

The house will be a separate piece from the frame that is mounted with a heavy duty magnet. You have the option to choose whether you also want a hole with a string in the top of the house to be able to hang as an ornament at Christmas time.