Meet the Makers

Hi, we’re Luke & Hannah Heithold, we are the hands and heads behind Rooted & Built Design. We started this company with a wood burner and a scroll saw and now we’ve grown to using multiple laser cutters to create unique hand drawn designs laser etched or cut out of wood. 

Behind our STORY:

As high school sweethearts, we were both born and raised in small-town Missouri. Luke grew up riding tractors and working cattle and I grew up splitting my time between sports and art projects. Luke, being a year older than me, went off to college at Oklahoma Christian University, so naturally, I followed him there. We’ve since planted permanent roots in Edmond, OK and are underway in our dreams to work in business together, thus came Rooted & Built Design. Luke has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and I in Interior Design, and together we like staying busy with home projects, traveling, and keeping up with our three children.  Our life might be crazy at times, but we enjoy staying busy and being together and I’m grateful to be able to work from home to be with our children.  



Behind our NAME & LOGO:

We put a lot of thought behind our business name and logo, just like we do for the names of our children (Each of their first names are a bible name and their middle names are after a family member). 

First off, "Rooted & Built" comes from Colossians 2:6-7 "...rooted and built up in Him..." But the word 'rooted' has more meaning to us because it symbolizes our family roots. Both Luke and I have strong Christian roots in our family tree. Which also brings us to the literal roots of a tree and the fact that our business is based on wood products - from trees. The word 'Rooted' in our logo also has the two O's interlocking to symbolize two rings which represents our marriage being a big part of our business.

The meaning behind the word 'built' first comes from the fact that we build a lot of our projects and home designs by hand. It also ties back to our family legacy. Both Luke and my fathers and grandfathers do/did woodworking and use their hands to build, just as we are doing in their footsteps. The hammer in our logo represents the word 'built' and the '&' is drawn in the "roots" of the hammer, which in turn ties back to the word ‘rooted'.

Behind our REASON:

We started this as a creative outlet from my constant “stay-at-home mom duties” and to fill the desire Luke and I have always had to get to work together, create together, and dream together. Now, we especially enjoy the ability to create treasured keepsakes for others, to provide a meaningful wooden gift to a loved one that will stand the test of time. And most of all, we hope that our business and the work we put into it shows our children that if they work hard they can create the things they want and achieve big dreams. We hope as they get older, that they can look back and see the love their parents have for each other and the desire we have to work together and that they would implement that love for their spouses and families in the future. 



Behind the SCENES:

When we’re not working, you can find us playing outside with the kids, mostly sports and bike rides. We have a continuous to-do list on home projects. With my interior design background, I’m constantly coming up with ideas just for Luke to come in and say, “I can make that/refinish this/fix everything…” It seems like he knows how to do everything, or he can at least look up how to do anything he can’t. You’ll find me at the nearest garage sale or clearance isle. I hate missing out on a deal or a DIY that can make something my own. Neighborhood garage sale signs make my heart skip a beat. As a family, we love traveling, doing things outdoors, playing board games, and hosting friends at the house.