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Wood Music Card

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Card Stand Option

Beautifully lasered sheet music on wood. Our custom music cards are a perfect way to display a favorite song, the music to your first dance, or your grandma's favorite hymn. Treasured on wood, this is a keepsake item that will last a lifetime. Each piece is lasered etched onto 8"w x 10"h birch plywood. The title of the song is hand lettered and etched onto the wood above the notes of the sheet music. 

Upon checkout, we ask that you please provide an image of the sheet music you would like to use. Hymns are a great option since they are designed to go on one page. If you have a song with multiple pages, we ask that you choose the one page you would like to use or specify the exact lyrics you would like to fit on the card and we will do our best to crop and fit the part of the song you're wanting on the card. With the image you provide, we will crop off any title it might have and replace with a hand lettered title, unless otherwise specified. If the image needs altered or scaled in any way, we will use our own discretion on altering the image to make it fit appropriately on the card. Please send the sheet music to

These cards are also great decor pieces if you choose to display them on a stand. With the purchase of this card, you can order one of our custom fit reclaimed wood card stands to go with it for an additional price of $7. Each stand is about 8 1/2"w x 2"d x 1"h. 

Please note that each card and card stand is unique in the fact that the wood grain may vary slightly between each card. Card stands are made from reclaimed wood so they could have nail holes in them.

Processing time is 5-7 business days with standard 2-5 day shipping. Please contact us if you would like a quote for rush shipping.