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Handwritten Vows on Wood Card

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Handwrite your vows and etch them onto wood to be a constant reminder of your special day. This will be a keepsake you'll want to pass down to your kids. If you don't like your handwriting, don't worry, you can send us your vows typed out and we can use your choice of either a modern or cursive font to type your vows out on the card so you won't ever have to worry if you'll be able to read your handwriting when you get older. 

All handwriting is traced over by hand so there are no blurry smudges from a scanner or picture, and then the design is sent over to our laser cutter to be etched onto a 1/4" birch plywood card approximately 5"x7". If the dimensions of your handwritten vows does not fit in the designated area, we will use our own discretion to move words around to look the best on the card (for example, we might have to take the last word of one line and move it to the first word of the next line.), but we will never alter your handwriting or wording you provide. 

If you choose to use your own handwriting, after you place your order, please email  a picture of your handwritten vows on paper as straight on and square as possible.  You can send the picture(s) to

For extra personalization on your card, we will add the city, state, and date of your wedding at the bottom of the card. When you place your order, please specify the city, state, and date you wish to use. 

There are two different design options to choose from. If you order two cards, you have the option to use the same design for both cards, or we created the two designs to match so you could also choose to use one of each design for the two cards. If you choose one of each design, please specify which handwriting is for which design.

Processing time is 5-7 business days with standard 2-5 day shipping. Please contact us if you would like a quote for rush shipping.