Spring Break Daily Challenge

Spring Break Daily Challenge Checklist

First Day of Spring is coming soon! This means spring breaks, spring cleaning, and finally some evening sunlight to make you feel like you have more hours in your day to get things done!

For us, this week is also Spring Break for the kids. And I don’t realize how much I enjoy my two days when the kids are all in school until they’re out! Haha but I’m determined to make this a fun week not only for the kids, but for myself as well. 

Since Luke still has to work this week, we’re not going on a big trip, but instead we’ll just be taking a long weekend trip. This means I’ve got to keep the kids occupied during the week days and I’ve come up with a challenge to get them (and myself) excited for each day. 

I have to admit, the main reason this is exciting for me is because I’m setting goals for this week now and just having a plan and a checklist is something that gets me excited!

So if you’re reading along and think this email’s not for you just because you don’t have kids, don’t stop reading! This can easily be adapted for anyone to use to get you in the mood for Spring! I’ve included in parenthesis at the end of each description how each task can be applied to you.

Daily Spring Break Challenge:
Each day of the week, we’ll have 3 tasks to do together.

1. One activity outside of the house

This could be going to the park, museum, zoo, library, or just playing in the backyard. (Go for a walk during your lunch break)

2. One craft to send to someone

My kids are all about crafts and they’ll be excited to help plan which one to do each day. But instead of keeping all their “masterpieces” to yourself, plan on sending them to a different person each day. This will help your kids think of others and make someone else’s day! (Write and send snail mail to a friend or family member)

3. One toy to give away

Spring time means spring cleaning and when’s a better time to start getting the kids involved than now! Help them pick out one toy they don’t play with anymore and use this time to explain to them why it’s good to give to others in need. (Go through your own closets and cabinets and donate items you don’t use anymore)

Spring Break Checklist

I’m hoping that having a checklist hanging on the fridge will get the kids excited about checking off each task, each day and keep them from getting too bored or stuck in front of the tv. Click here to download the checklist yourself and use it for you and your kids. I would love to hear how it works for you!

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