A Cheap & Easy DIY Valentine's Day Shadow Box

A Cheap & Easy DIY Valentine's Day Shadow Box

Can you believe it's already February 1st?! January went by so fast for us, I feel like we’re still recovering from the holidays! But you know what, if you’re feeling anything like us, you’re in luck. I heard the other day that “February is the new January” (and if you've heard it from at least one other person, it counts, right?). So for everyone who completely missed the first month of this decade with the goal setting and year planning, you’re not alone. Let’s give ourselves a bit of grace from our January slumber and take this new month as a chance to get motivated back into our dreams and goals. I’ve always loved the first of every month because its a great time to start on something new. So here’s to February and getting things done!

And speaking of getting things done, I have a great DIY idea to start you off with. So, I feel like Valentine’s Day is either a day people love or people hate. And even though Luke and I don’t make a big thing of Valentine’s Day, we still like to give the kids little gifts and love the reason to spread love to others. With this in mind, I’m always thinking of cheap and easy DIY’s for the kids to do for grandparents, teachers, or the elderly ladies at church. I came up with this simple DIY that is great for both kids and adults to make:

A Shadow Box Message Hanger

I found this shadowbox decor piece and tiny crafting clothespins at dollar tree, and with the paper and string I had on hand, I made a simple, personalized shadow box (see next picture). The great thing about this is that you can use this for any holiday (or every holiday!) by simply replacing the paper you hang on the string with different designs.



First, I removed the glass with the quote printed on it out of the frame. Then, I cut some string to fit inside the frame and hot glued the ends to the inside edges of the box. Next, I wrote a simple saying on the heart that I cut out of paper. (This would also be a cute place to have the kids decorate paper hearts or hang a picture or cute quote for a friend or teacher.) Then simply hang the paper on the string with the clothespins and you’re set! 

I actually saw a lot of things similar to this that you could just buy at the store, but I always lean towards homemade gifts rather than bought ones, because I love the meaning behind them. Plus, when they look store bought and are even cheeper, its a win-win! If you try this out, please send me a picture! I’d love to see the different ways everyone makes them!

And if you’re in need of something else to add to your DIY gift, check out our  Valentine’s Day punch out cards we have in the shop, as well as some of our signature cards we can customize with your own handwriting!

Cheap & Easy DIY Valentines Day Shadow Box

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