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Valentines Day Pun Punch Outs

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A favorite Valentine's Day gift for kids and their BFFs. This is a set of 3 wooden valentine card punch outs with a funny valentine pun on each one. Kids (and adults!) will have a fun time punching out the little wooden pieces and putting together their very own little figurine.

At just $10 per set of 3, you can choose to buy three of one style or one of three different styles. Just specify at checkout which three you would like to purchase.

Each card is 3"x3". The design options are as follows:

Train - "I choo choo choose you"
Turtle - "You're turtle-y awesome
Sloth - "I love hanging with you slow much"
Plane - "You're just Plane awesome"
Chameleon - "There are a Chameleon reasons why I like you"
Shark - "You're Fin-tastic"