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Easter Punch Out Cards

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We have three new 5”x7” wood cards to help you and your family celebrate Easter.

One is an Easter scene displaying the cross and tomb. The bolder in front of the tomb can be moved in front of the opening in the days leading to Easter, with the verse “laid him in a tomb cut in stone, where no one had ever yet been laid.” Luke 23:53 written on the side. And then on Easter Day, you can move the bolder to open the tomb and cover up the Luke verse and reveal the empty tomb that says “He is Risen!” Matthew 28:6 on the inside.

The other two designs we created are for all the Easter egg decorators out there! These cards will bring your egg decorating to the next level with custom clothes and hats you can accessorize your very own Mr. & Mrs. Egg Head. One card is for Mrs. Egg Head and one is for Mr. Egg Head. The punch out pieces, once assembled, will hold your egg in a stand with feet and have two different hat/hair options to place on top of your egg. Then get creative with decorating your egg with funny faces and you can even paint the wood accessories to match!

Our hope is that you can use these cards as gifts to spread love and create memories with your loved ones. We’re providing different price breaks on these cards so if you want to purchase multiples to share with others, then you can get a discount based on how many you would like to buy.

1 or 2 cards - $6 each

3 or 4 cards - $5.50 each

5 - 9 cards - $5 each

10+ cards - $4 each

Please include which design(s) you want and the quantity of each if necessary in the "Special Instructions for Seller" section when you check out. Processing time is 3-5 business days.

*Tip on punching out the small pieces: You might need to use the point of a pencil or safety pin to punch out the small squares that you might not be able to poke out with your fingers.